Yá’át’ééh, people that I miss a ton!

Quick thought: We taught a little boy how to pray and he prayed for the first time last week and only asked for ONE thing in his prayer: Rain. That night, Chinle, AZ got a rainstorm that has now been on and off for a week or so! That same night the way to our lesson got flooded so we couldn’t make it. God is listening to your prayers!


  • Dogs seen: 243
  • White people (excluding missionaries) seen: 12
  • A man came to us saying he was having bad dreams and that there were people surrounding his trailer at night doing rituals and chanting his name. He said he heard footsteps on his ceiling the last night at 3 AM and when he went outside the next morning he found deer prints on his roof. He says a skinwalker is after him. So now Im scared to whistle at night.
  • My comp and I accidentally let two dogs out of a front yard and had to go searching all over town for them. We got them in our truck and took them back safely. They definitely did not almost get run over.
  • Tried Navajo fry bread at the flea market. It’s pretty good. I also got my own rope.
  • A former blood gang member we have been teaching decided he wanted me to BAPTIZE him. He is so awesome, and I’m so happy I could see his personal spiritual transformation reach this far.
  • Our church building might be haunted.

I miss u all very much and would love to hear from you so please don’t be afraid to reply.