Dogs… Why’d it have to be dogs?

Yá’át’ééh awesome person reading this!

If you get the reference in the subject heading you have my respect. Indiana Jones has been on my mind lately idk why. My comp and I were driving the truck through a wet, muddy, bumpy wash to get to a lesson after it was dark and there were big tall bushes on both sides and it felt JUST like the Indiana Jones ride at disneyland.


  • I learned there is no Navajo word for “sorry”
  • A rez dog bit me 😢 I yelled at him and kicked him off and he got really timid really fast but still. Good thing there’s still plenty of cute nice puppies around
  • A pack of stray dogs, probably like seven or so, started following my comp and I while we were tracting as the sun was setting. My mission president warned us about this and said all you have to do is crouch down like you’re picking up a rock and they scatter. I tried this technique. They ran off literally with their tails between their legs it worked so well! Shoutout president McNabb
  • I got to hike down the canyon de Chelly (pronounced de shey) where the ancient ruins are
  • Some people died in some houses and we got called to dedicate some houses which was cool
  • I went on exchanges with the APs (who are in charge of everything in the mission besides the pres)
  • I had a pass along card with ink on it in my shirt pocket and got splashed by water by a kid and got ink all over my shirt
  • Every talk in church was in Navajo. why did I not learn this language in the MTC I am lost


I love you all and miss u guys plz respond so I can talk with u