I’m going to marry an investigator

Yá’át’ééh friends and family!

There’s this family we’ve been teaching, the dad is a member but the mom is not and they aren’t legally married– we taught them about baptism again with an awesome object lesson and invited them to get married so that the mom can be baptized and they said they would! So hopefully this Saturday they will be husband and wife!! They were all smiley and happy after they committed to it, it was adorable!

I don’t think I will actually be the one to marry them but I think I COULD since I’m a missionary/priest/clergy or whatever. Sorry for the misleading subject title


  • Shi’ means me/my/I in Navajo so we make fun Navajo-english language soup and say stuff like shabuddy
  • I lost my spoon ring 👎️
  • Mutton and sheep butchering is big out here and I tried mutton stew for the first time, can’t say I loved it.
  • Got stuck in the mud for the first time (I wasn’t driving blame Anderson)
  • I always assumed the organist in the ward was actually playing the organ?? Not that it is automatic and they just sit there?? Maybe I’m dumb
  • had to bury a dead dog 🙁
  • Very sad days as my trainer / dad / shizhe’e Anderson is getting transferred away halfway through my training– AND IM TRAINING SOMEBODY EVEN THO IM NOT SUPPOSED TO BE OUT OF TRAINING? Pray for my greenie



With love, Elder Nef