Yá’át’ééh you guys!!

I am one week into training my new guy, Elder Thompson, and he is so awesome. He makes me laugh so hard but it’s kind of bad because he brings out the like 15 year old humor in me


  • Said goodbye to shizhe’e Anderson ☹️
  • Elder Olayan replaced my lost spoon ring with one of his own I love that man (I also got a sweet silver and turquoise Navajo ring this week)
  • Yaa’di’lah means what the heck in Navajo (I think)
  • There was an annual central fair parade on Saturday that completely blocked off the church driveway so we had no choice but to enjoy the parade and eat candy
  • Saw traditional Navajo dancing which was sick and a rodeo
  • Not two minutes after I got home with Elder Thompson, his first time in Chinle, some sketch guy pulls up with an ankle monitor and looks like he’s on the run and asks us to say a prayer for him.
  • MTC comp Elder Stevenson and I reunited at training meetings!!
  • Mud bogging was part of the fair and there were some crazy monster trucks– we went to the mud bogging arena on Sunday and tried it out
  • Tried blue corn mush a Navajo dish and it was absolutely nasty! Maybe it’s an acquired taste


Hágoónee, I miss you all!