Washing bags of chips

Yá’át’ééh abiní!

Every single time — we’ve tested it like it’s a science — that me and my companion say an opening prayer to our daily planning session and select a place to tract on the map, we find someone who needed to hear our message right then and there. When we try to just knock doors between appointments, unplanned, we get a whole lot of nothing most the time. But whenever we pray to find a good place and “randomly” select a spot, someone breaks down when we knock on their door and says that they’ve been praying for help for days and that we were an answer to their prayers. MISSIONARY MOMENT!


  • I buzzed my head. Do I miss my hair? Yes.
  • We ran out of common supplies because I severely miscalculated how much we would use and have to last another 3ish weeks until we get more free ones (see pics)
  • shoutout ocean for sending me a physical letter I love you
  • Navajos like hate the word “die” and use the phrase “passed on” exclusively. There is no word for dead or die in Navajo, the word they use in place of it just means gone
  • These kids we teach always yell “the church boys are here!” to gather the family whenever we come
  • This week was hard bc football season has started and I can’t watch any of it. Especially because BYU beat Baylor in double OT at a home game that I would be attending if I was in Provo rippp


Watch me get absolutely mauled by vicious rez dogs: 

I love you all, please reply and tell me how your week went!


Elder Nef