Sailing the Seven Seas (in AZ)


Boating is against the missionary standards — however, driving your truck through monsoon weather isn’t! My email is titled such because of our adventures through a wash during a rainstorm. A recap of what it was like:


  • I finally chopped woods! Ask and ye shall receive I guess.
  • I’m two seconds away from adopting a rez pup
  • I still hate fasting!
  • I knocked on a door and it was an old grandma that only spoke Navajo and I understood her well enough to know she wanted us to pray for her (go me)
  • I made a pizza from scratch and it was fire


The first wood felled by my axe

I love you all and I know the Lord’s work is the most important thing we can be doing! Don’t get discouraged! He will be with us even when times are tough. (Even if it doesn’t seem like it in the moment)