REZ RODEO + ancient ruins


General conference is awesome. The prophet is so so so cool and inspired! And so is the BOOK OF MORMON go flip to a random page and read some of it rn.


  • I was scared I was going to be leaving this transfer so my companion and I made sure to see some ancient native American ruins that are in our area. They were so so cool pics below
  • Got to look at the stars while up the canyon at night and they were amazing
  • Almost got to go to the temple with Charles, the guy I baptized, but it fell through. He holds the priesthood now though!!
  • Elder Thompson while the Top Gun theme was playing in our car and I was pretending to be an air force pilot: “This is the song that’s gonna play during the Second Coming”
  • I AM STAYING IN CHINLE AND ELDER THOMPSON IS LEAVING ME… sad days. I am training AGAIN next transfer AND district leader soo pray for me I have no idea what I am doing
  • Got to go to a rodeo which was so freaking fun. They started with little kids riding sheep and progressed to big guys riding huge bulls that would charge all the people in the ring afterwards. Elder Martin also went full cowboy and roped a steer that was being uncooperative.


Hágoónee till next week!

Elder Nef