my companion pooped on the floor on my birthday

Yá’át’ééh everyone!

My new companion (pictured below) is named Biigha and is very shy and scared all the time. If anyone has any tips on how to get him to like me it would be very appreciated.


  • my birthday was yesterday! big 19! home birthdays > mission birthdays… but I got spoiled by aunt Melanie and my grandparents and my family and friends. very grateful for everyone that made it special it was a good day!
  • I baptized Noel on my bday
  • I got myself a dog (my new companion) as a gift
  • I got to go on a tour down the canyon with a family we are teaching and saw the ruins up close and saw lots of cool ancient Anasazi wall paintings
  • this cool local Antonio Nez (picture attached) gave us a free piece of rock art when he already had so little. plz plz go check out his website he says it will pull up if you look up “Antonio nez Navajo artist (Editor’s note: I couldn’t find the website so I’ll touch bases with Jake and update if I hear back about this).
  • we made an epic slip n slide out of church tables and the church stairs and soap and a hose last pday it was righteous


pretty much just all the stuff I mentioned up there.


Elder Nef