I got chapped (they are sending me home)


Chapped has become a popular vocabulary term for me since I got in the field. For those of you who have no idea what it means (like I did) it is just another word for scolded. yelled at. corrected. etc.


  • So, you remember how they told us to move a week or two ago? Well, when we moved we took the comfy couch with us and the comfy recliner and the bigger table and swapped it with everything in the new trailer. Didn’t seem like a big deal until the housing coordinators came and yelled at me for it and basically it was not a good time. We got everything in order though and I think nobody is mad at me anymore… maybe. Anyways got chapped but no they aren’t going to send me home for it
  • TRANSFER NEWS: I am training. Again. I have trained every single transfer so far since my first. I will now have 3 sons in the mission. But I get to stay in Chinle!!
  • Theres this guy we are teaching who is super traditional and during our last lesson told us he used peyote to get high when he prayed which is super normal here. My companion jokingly said afterwards, “watch him come to church high as a kite!” 
  • He did just that. and the smell was something else!
  • I am a pretty obedient Elder. However, I definitely have some aspects I need to work on– anyways, one day this week I woke up feeling like I should try to be exactly obedient to the best of my ability to the mission rules and all that. I went through the whole day and nothing spectacular happened until that night– we went to this lady’s house (supposedly for a lesson) but then like this lady’s whole extended family showed up and they wheeled in this girl who was recently paralyzed and had just caught a cold and was in a lot of pain and asked us to give her a blessing. So it was a good thing I was prepared! Hopefully it works and she starts feeling better soon. Anyways listen to ur promptings!


Got to go into a bigger city (Window Rock) to help out at a food bank and got taco bell, us moving the new senior sister in, and the basketball night gang!