we found the battle bus + bagpipes


I have been having the time of my life this last week in the mission. I got a new greenie that I love, I’ve seen the Lord’s hand in our work and I got Texas Roadhouse. Life is good!


  • got stopped at the flea market by a guy telling me and my companion that he is a true Mormon because he has 14 wives
  • had like the best pday ever last Monday in Farmington for transfers. Ate Texas roadhouse and some super nice old lady came over and paid each of us eating there 10 bucks. hung out with some cool elders and slept in a queen bed
  • at zone conference an elder went up and played like half of a verse of praise to the man on the BAGPIPES before he gave up and said he was out of practice. I wasn’t laughing but my zone leaders behind me were dying and it was hard to not laugh
  • we ate at the burger bus nicknamed the battle bus right next to our trailer


Elder Olayan eating oreos with water (dont mind my screaming)

I love you all so much and can’t wait to see you again.