Frybread + Mutton Stew Thanksgiving


Banger Scripture: Moroni 7:47: “But charity is the pure love of Christ, and it endureth forever; and whoso is found possessed of it at the last day, it shall be well with him.”


  • HAUNTINGS: So, we found a guy a few weeks ago that was very distraught when we knocked on the door and said his house was being haunted and we prayed for him and have been teaching him ever since. The haunting had stopped until the other day. He said another drawing appeared when we came in and asked us to pray for them. The story is that these strange carvings keep appearing in strange places in their house, like high up on doors and on walls and they show little stick figures hurting people. The new one appeared under their dining room table and looked creepy. Everyone in the family was scared. We said a prayer asking the Holy ghost to be in their house and hopefully that will stop them again. Anyways, pretty creepy!
  • We made cinnamon rolls and delivered them to people on Thanksgiving. However I realized after we had already finished making them that most natives are lactose intolerant 🙃 nevertheless people still seemed to appreciate them. hopefully it wasn’t too much milk in the frosting.
  • got mutton stew (disgusting) and frybread (actually good) in someone’s house that we are teaching for Thanksgiving they invited us over and we barely know them and it was like their whole extended family. Before we ate everyone passed around a cup of water and we were instructed to drink a sip of it. Apparently it’s some kind of blessed water the guy blessed when he said a long ol Navajo prayer so that was kind of cool
  • that is all


my best impersonation of captain America in Civil War

I love u all and so does God!