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My Favorite Short Story:

This horror story is 3000 words and was published in the 2021 Inlandia Literary Journal. One night, Carter finds himself hopelessly out of place at a houseparty while hopelessly pursuing a cute girl. Little does he know, something sinister is lurking just beneath the crowds…

<strong><em>Jacob Nef</em></strong>
Jacob Nef

Hi, I’m 18 years old and trying to get my writings out to those who will enjoy them. I just finished my freshman year at BYU Provo and am about to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I would love to become a New York Times best selling author one day- please subscribe below or read some stories to help me out on my journey!

What I’m working on now:

I’m currently trying to edit/perfect my short story Flipped and get something submitted to the Leading Edge magazine at BYU. If they publish something of mine, they will pay me for my work and it will be published in their magazine! I will be on my mission soon, however- which means I’ll be back to writing in 2024!

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Movie Review: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022)

I really enjoyed watching this movie. It felt fresh and new compared to the stuff Marvel has been putting out lately. The Multiverse of Madness introduced some horror elements into the MCU which did wonders to rejuvenate the boring superhero tropes that we’ve all been beaten to death with by the ever-expanding Marvel universe. I…

Movie Review: The Matrix (1999)

So, the Matrix… with all the memes about blue pills and red pills and waking up, I honestly thought this movie was kind of overhyped! It’s definitely a pop-culture classic and I finally got to watch it recently, but it was kind of underwhelming. The movie was still a great one with a satisfying climax…

Movie Review: Big Fish (2003)

I thought this movie was very confusing and didn’t really like it very much. That is all. 3/5. See its Rotten Tomatoes score here. Most similar to: Obsidian Cloudwave