This website was created by me– Jacob Nef. I have big plans for this site and my books. I’m thinking this is where I will post my writings until I decide I’m good enough to try to publish so I would enjoy any and all support or suggestions you have for my stories! My contact information is down below.

I just completed my freshman year at BYU Provo. I’m majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Creative Writing. Soon I will be leaving on a mission for the LDS church in New Mexico, Farmington. I love to go to sports games and play football with my friends. Skateboarding is fun too, as long as I have friends along. And I obviously love writing, but I also love to read. My favorite author is Brandon Sanderson for his complex and fun collection of fiction, and his way of bringing logic to magic. I like some classics in fiction, but I generally apply Mark Twain’s definition:

“‘Classic’ – A book which people praise and don’t read.”

Mark Twain

A few of my favorites:

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Why did you create unworlds.com?

“Is it for school? What assignment?” Is what my friends usually ask me. But no, it’s not for school, or for my senior e-portfolio. I created unworlds.com so that I could easily gather feedback about my writing and make it easier to share. For years I have only sent my stories to the select few that ask for copies and request access on Google Docs. With a website, I can grow my audience and start kindling a possible career.

How can I show my support for your writing?

Read, read, read! I have short stories and longer books. If you like one of my stories, email me about it! Or if you didn’t, email me about it! The purpose of this site is to gather feedback.

If you really want to help out, sharing this website with other people would be greatly appreciated, through social media or whatever else works!

Contact Me

You can reach me for feedback, suggestions or to talk about stories at my email or through any of my social outlets below!

About Website Updates

v2.06/8/22unworlds.com became jacobnef.com and I completely redesigned the website.
v1.05/18/21unworlds.com is finished, released to the public! 51 first-day visitors.
v0.19/19/20unworlds.com is born and I begin work on Home page!
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