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“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies… The man who never reads lives only one.”

George r.r. Martin

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2022 | 9000 Words | Science Fiction

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This story follows William, a boy who discovers a dark secret in his father’s business and must find the courage to put a stop to it all. It takes place far in the future, when generating electricity has become more important than anything else, even innocent lives…

2020 | 3000 Words | Horror | Published in the Inlandia Literary Journal

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One night, Carter finds himself hopelessly out of place at a high school houseparty while hopelessly pursuing a cute girl. Little does he know, something sinister is lurking just beneath the crowds…

2019 | 1000 Words | Science Fiction | Earned Silver Key Award

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In a dystopian future where a war has broken out between man and machine, this story focuses in on Arisa. Arisa is a machine that is torn between her compassion for others and her dedication to the movement for fair treatment of her kind- she is put into a position where she can no longer be on the fence and must choose a side…

2020 | 1000 Words | Thriller/Action

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The sting operation is almost complete- the bust Seth has been working up to for the last 6 months in LA is about to come into fruition, but things go sideways fast as Seth struggles with his own inner self…

2020 | 1000 Words | Science Fiction

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Far into a dark future with more machines than men, Connor must infiltrate the high-security EvoShock Industries tower to retrieve the only hope there is to stop the Controller…

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